Mystery of Addictive Behavior Class

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A six week Genesis Process introductory class for those who are beginning to think about change.  Each session uses a combination of powerpoint, video, and self-discovery questions to introduce key Genesis concepts, including the basics of the brain and the Double Bind worksheet.  By the end of this class, participants will understand why they do the very thing they don’t want to do and what it takes to be able to change.  Each DVD includes 5 powerpoint sessions, participant handouts, and a facilitator’s guide.  Cost – $35

Session 1:  Is There Hope for Me?
Session 2:  What is an Addiction?
Session 3:  What’s Broken in the Brain?
Session 4:  The Double Bind Worksheet
Session 5:  Origins of Addictive Behavior
Session 6:  Healing What Drives the Addictive Behavior

Samples (click links to download)

Facilitator’s Guide Intro

Facilitator’s Guide Session 1

Session 1 Hope

To order contact Dean Perry at

Genesis Program Manual Series:  FOUNDATIONS

Vol 1This workbook is for those who want to start or restructure a non-profit and faith-based recovery program. The key questions, team exercises, coaching tips and sample materials will guide you to design a recovery program specific for your community by developing  your vision, community network, culture of recovery, and staffing.  Based on the principles of the Genesis Process Relapse Prevention by Michael Dye, this workbook is a must for those who want to maximize the impact of Genesis counseling. Cost – $25

Purchase Copies on Amazon at: FOUNDATIONS Manual

Genesis Program Manual Series:  FRAMEWORK

Framework vol 2Staff of recovery programs will be able to use this second volume of the Genesis Program Manual Series to fully implement the Genesis Process by Michael Dye. It contains distinctives of a Genesis program, a full program model, tips for designing each phase, and interactive questions for recovery teams to build their own unique program from application to aftercare.  Cost – $30   Now only $25!

Purchase copies on Amazon at:    FRAMEWORK manual

Coming in 2021:

Vol 3 – MASTERY an advanced level of Genesis programming with more coaching tips for counseling and staff management, leading Genesis groups, and using Genesis tools to turn problem behaviors into growth opportunities.

Graceful Transformation:  A Healing Coloring Journey


Create, color, doodle and journal in this interactive adult coloring book designed by Artist and Creativity Coach, Bonnie Kelso. Inspired by her work with the clients from the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, “Graceful Transformation” will take you on a healing coloring journey of self-discovery. As you create and color, you can relieve stress. This coloring book is ideal for people in addiction recovery programs, but you don’t have to be struggling with addictions to benefit from this journey. Themes such as “hope, self-beliefs, and trust” are universal enough that anyone can find inspiration from the process. Each of the eleven interactive coloring pages follow inspirational messages and creative prompts. You are encouraged not just to color, but to create images within the book. Each coloring page is separated by blank pages for expressing yourself creatively through doodling and journaling.

Click here to download free PDF copy of her Facilitator’s Group Study Guide.

Full Color Recovery: A Coloring Book For Youths In Recovery


Inspired by her work with youth in recovery at Mission High School in Las Vegas, Bonnie Kelso has created this mindful practices coloring book.

“Full Color Recovery: A Coloring Book For Youths In Recovery,” explores themes of recovery as experienced through the hearts and minds of teenagers. It was created with the concerns and challenges of teenagers as the main focus. This book can be to used as a mindful tool for relaxation, reflection and positive affirmation. It makes a good compliment to professional care and support.  To learn more, please connect to Bonnie’s site here.

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