Training Services

Dean Perry Consulting offers a range of live trainings to help you and your teams effectively use the Genesis Process. You can find scheduled events on the “Events” page, or contact Dean Perry if you would like to schedule one of your own. NEW: Video trainings are being developed to refresh key skills with using the Genesis Process.

Live Trainings available for the Genesis Process 

Genesis Full Counselor Training (5 days):

For:  Those who wants to become a Genesis Process Relapse Prevention Counselor.

Description:  This intensive course will equip you in the knowledge and skills to effectively take someone through the Genesis Process Relapse Prevention Workbook.  You will learn what is broken with addictions from both a Biblical and clinical perspective, and the basic tools and skills to help another find hope, healing and freedom.  Because of Dean’s extensive background with Genesis in both programs  and churches , his live seminars bring a wealth of practical experience and ‘coaching tips’ for using the Genesis Process.  Those who complete this course will receive a certificate as a trained, Genesis relapse prevention counselor.

Contact Dean if you would like to be a host site for this training.  

Genesis Basic Training (3 days)

For:  Organizations currently using Genesis, but looking to get the whole staff team on the same page with the Genesis Process philosophy, tools, and implementation.

Description:  For one flat fee,  Dean will come to your location and train your staff and volunteers in the basics of the Genesis Process.  Topics include:  The 7 Foundations of Genesis,  Safe Counselor Skills, Genesis Introduction and key thoughts, Neurology of Addiction, FASTER scale, Double Bind, the Belief system and how to heal what drives addictive behavior, creating an environment of transformation through grace, and the Genesis tools that turn problem behaviors into growth opportunities.

Creating an Environment for Change and Healing (2 days)

For:  Genesis Counselors (a refresher), staff of organizations that use Genesis, and Genesis Change Group facilitators.

Description:  This seminar will give an understanding of the basic philosophy, skills, tools, and principles that make the Genesis Process so effective.  Those who attend will learn:  Genesis Foundations for Change and Healing, Neuroscience of the Brain and Change, Supportive relationships for change, how the past affects the present, Genesis inner healing tools, and helping people move to a life of meaning, purpose and values.  Each day has breakout sessions to allow attenders to focus on key skills, such as the Double Bind and FASTER scale, and how to better implement Genesis in a church or residential program.  This training can also serve as a fundraiser for your organization.  Contact Dean for details.

Personal Change and Healing Weekend (1.5 days)

For:  Churches or organizations that use Genesis Change Groups.

Description:  This Friday night and all day Saturday seminar introduces people to the foundations of Genesis and what drives addiction, key Genesis tools for change and healing, how to live a life of meaning and purpose, and the subconscious needs and fears in men and women that can sabotage successful relationships.  This seminar is ideal for organizations that want to launch Genesis Change groups.  The training can also serve as a fundraiser for your organization.  Contact Dean for details.

For more information on the content of these trainings, the costs, and scheduling, contact me at: or 971-983-702

Genesis Video Trainings

Want more understanding of how to use a particular Genesis Tool?  Click on the button below for a short video explanation by Dean Perry.

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