If you don't know what's broken, you won't know how to fix it. The good news is, we now know what is broken with addictions.

Addictions Affect Us All

Addictions affect us all. Whether you suffer personally from addictions or have family or friends who do, there is no way of avoiding the impact that addictions have on our individual lives and our communities. No single disease impacts our current world more severely than addiction. Addiction-based health consequences and crime are rising every day. Yet, there is hope. Although this disease is not curable it is very treatable. Through the strength of recovery programs that touch the hearts of the affected, addictive behaviors can be managed and lives can be transformed.

Dean Perry, CADC, MDiv, Genesis Process Associate of Michael Dye and author of the Genesis Residential Program Manual, offers training, program consulting, class materials and expert counsel from years of experience to  counselors, recovery programs and churches who want to help people find hope and freedom from addictions, becoming the people that God has meant for them to be.

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