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Recovery Program Consulting Services

Are you looking to start a new programAssess and improve an existing program?  Maximize the impact of Genesis?  Dean Perry has designed programs for recovery centers of all types and sizes in the both in the US and abroad, producing increased recovery rates, increased retention rates, and decreased recidivism.  He will work with your team to maximize the investment and impact of Genesis for your program residents and your community.

Consulting packages are tailored to work within your goals, budget and timeline, and include a variety of assistance for program development such as:

  • Current program assessment and recommendations
  • Generic blueprint for designing a full program, from intake to aftercare.  (Based on the Genesis Residential Program Manual)
  • Documentation templates for program management and case management that can easily be adapted for your program (why reinvent the wheel?)
  • Remote coaching for your program managers, case managers, and Genesis counselors
  • Coaching and training to use the Genesis tools to turn program ‘drama management’ into growth opportunities for recovery
  • Establishing and measuring program outcomes for recovery
  • Discounts for live trainings and program resources offered by Dean Perry

For current plans and pricing, click on link below:   

Program Consulting Plans and Pricing

Whether you are looking to make significant changes in your program or to simply maximize the impact of  your existing one, contact Dean Perry for a free phone consultation. or 971-983-7022

Genesis Program Certification

Is your program maximizing the impact of the Genesis Process counseling? Make the most of your investment in Genesis by working with Dean Perry Consulting to become a Certified Genesis Program. Finding out more by clicking on the link below.


“Thank you for helping us build out a highly effective program that turns prodigals into disciples!” – Nick Evans, Recovery Services Manager, Lighthouse Mission Ministries, Bellingham, WA

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