About Dean


Dean Perry, is an agent of change who brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to recovery centers in the USA and abroad.  Using a diverse background of engineering, pastoral work, addictions counseling and program management, he has built successful recovery programs in a wide variety of settings that provide a unique blend of faith based environment and evidenced based results.

After serving as a research engineer in the Air Force and then as a church pastor, he began working with the homeless and addicted in Portland, OR as a case manager and Genesis counselor at the Portland Rescue Mission.  By integrating Genesis into the atmosphere of the whole program, PRM quickly saw tremendous success with recovery rates jumping to an average of 75%.  In 2006 Dean accepted an invitation from  the UK to build a full Genesis program for men, women and children.  Within 6 months the retention rates improved to over 50%, and after 2 years recovery rates had soared from 10% to over 90%.

In 2008 Michael Dye, author of the Genesis Process, invited Dean to join him as a Genesis trainer and program consultant, specializing in residential program development.  Using the lessons learned and materials developed from his successful experiences, he wrote the Genesis Residential Program Manual and the Mystery of Addiction recovery class as resources for recovery centers to use.  While still working with Mike as a Genesis Associate, Dean personally designed and launched successful programs in Everett, WA and Las Vegas.  In 2017 he started Dean Perry Consulting LLC to empower recovery centers to become agents of change in their communities by maximizing the impact of the Genesis Process.  He currently works as a full time with program management and staff as a consultant and trainer for new and existing programs.


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