Addictions affect us all.

Addictions affect us all. Whether you suffer personally from addictions or have family or friends who do, there is no way of avoiding the impact that addictions have on our individual lives and our communities. No single disease impacts our current world more severely than addiction. Addiction-based health consequences and crime are rising every day. Yet, there is hope. Although this disease is not curable it is very treatable. Through the strength of recovery programs that touch the hearts of the affected, addictive behaviors can be managed and lives can be transformed.

What brings you here today? Are you an individual suffering from addictions? Do you belong to a faith community that wishes to help? Do you work in or manage a recovery program that you feel could be more effective? Please follow the link below to find out how I can help you and your specific needs.

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Dean Perry, CADC, Master of Divinity, Genesis Associate, has successfully helped hundreds of people find healing from addictions using the Genesis Process since 2001. He collaborated with Michael Dye to create The Genesis Residential Program Manual, designed to help increase both retention and recovery rates through extensive staff training. Currently, Dean works as a full time consultant advising the leadership of new and existing addiction recovery programs based on his own international experience as a director and developer of programs. He also facilitates live Genesis trainings and develops class curriculums that deepen clients’ experiences of healing (such as The Mystery of Addiction). An exceptional public presenter, Dean’s seminars are often the best attended at conventions.

An brief introductory video about Dean and his work:

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