The Gift of a New Day

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes”. Benjamin Franklin wrote these words to a friend of his shortly after the American Constitution was established. Our young country had taken a bold step for independence and self-governance by breaking ties with the mother country. To put it simply, in order to step into a new future of being a self-governing country, the founders had to step away from the familiar of being a colony. They faced a big problem – though they desired to create a new life, it involved moving away from that which was comfortable. In order to get what you want and reach your dreams, you have to let go of the familiar and secure.

To get back to Franklin’s quote, there is more that is certain than death and taxes. I think about this at the start of every new day as I watch the beautiful sunrise here in the desert. Day yielding to night, and night yielding to a new day is a guarantee. And with it, we step into an unknown, leaving something that may or may not have been comfortable, but it is familiar.

What hopes and dreams do you have? What do you feel like stepping forward in today? What is the familiar you will be leaving behind?

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